I created the game this demo is part of with the idea of making a 'realistic' house with smoothly interconnected walk-in rooms in ZZT. That, and playing Anatomy, since I felt that setting could work towards creating that kind of atmosphere in a ZZT game. Then came  COVID-19  and the lockdowns, and I first used the 'walk-in house' idea to literally recreate the family home out of homesickness. 

That eventually passed and I started work on this still-untitled 'walking simulator' which has...something...to do with home, belonging and family. There isn't much to do but explore the house, multiple times, and piece together what information you can gather. The demo, as it stands, covers about half the story I had in mind, but I may add more interactivity or simple puzzles tied in to what you learn about the house in question and its inhabitants.

There are no queer siblings, cursed family lines, deep-sea transhuman monsters, eccentric architects or disturbing but apt metaphors for homes in this game.

How To Play

Move with the arrow keys and interact with objects by bumping into, or touching them.

The cover image is a tentative title screen for the full game.


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crashes/glitches out on getting the suitcase. (if this is the end of the demo, could you please let it end properly)